What to Wear to Work in a Heatwave

It can be hard to figure out what to wear to the office when it's 30+ degrees out. Luckily wearing your NUMI to work can help keep your body temperature cool while still wearing an amazing outfit to work! Some tips for choosing what to wear are look for lightweight fabrics, choose breezy silhouettes and wear a one piece outfit.

Look for Lightweight Fabrics

A fabric like organic cotton or linen will feel light and allow your body to breath throughout the day. The NUMI Signature Seamless is a perfect layering piece to any lightweight fabric to protect the underarms of your shirt.

Try a Breezy Silhouette

Don't wear a fitted shirt, wear a shirt that has more flow and will move with any breeze that comes your way while you're on your way to the office. Try our Relaxed Scoop Bamboo T-Shirt it has a breezy silhouette, is made out of bamboo and can be dressed up or down!

Only Wear One Piece

For really hot days just wear a dress that hits knee or midi length to avoid over heating! We recommend wearing a NUMI Crop Top underneath your dress so you have sweat stain protection but, no added layering.

Let us know your go-to work outfit's for when it's extremely out outside in the comments below!

xx, NUMI

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