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5 Productive Things to do on a Slow Day at Work

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Ever have one of those days where you have finished everything that needs to be done and find yourself with some spare time on your hands?  Especially as we enter the summer months when business tends to slow down with long weekends and vacations, most of us may be tempted to check social media and zone out for a few hours.  Instead, Forbes gives us 5 great things to do on a slow day at work to make that down time productive.  

1)   Create a succession plan and if you already have one, keep it updated. It is always a good idea to be prepared for the future, and the bonus is having an outline of what your job requires and the tasks involved each month will keep you on track and organized too.

2)   Emails can easily get messy and inboxes overloaded which is why it's important to keep them organized. And as we're often writing similar responses or inquiries, having email templates on file will save time in the future.

3)   Use your free time as a chance to make catch-up calls with your clients and stakeholders. This is an opportunity for you to strengthen your relationships.

4)   Your extra time could be used to help out your other colleagues. They could really appreciate the help and this is a great chance for you to learn about other departments of your organization and develop some new skills.

5)   If you only have a short time to kill, you can focus on your professional development. You can read up on your industry by being informed on your industry’s trends as well as search up articles on leadership, networking, or anything that you’d like to learn more about.