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Essentials for Women in Their 50’s

When it comes to your middle age, there are visible changes to your body and face that means you are no longer your younger self but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your style. It is not about dressing younger but making the clothes work for you. You want to be comfortable as well as elegant. A wrap dress would look great because it accentuates your shape rather than covers it. The Essential Three-Quarter Sleeve Undershirt is perfect under everything you wear to keep your clothes looking nice on the outside while feeling fresh on the inside all day long. You don’t always have to wear flats, in fact when possible wear comfortable heels to elongate your legs. Splurge on a leather jacket that will last you a lifetime and find one that is flattering to your body and that is not too boxy. Lastly, your makeup should be light and subtle while your purse can be youthful and add a pop of colour to your outfit.

Essentials for Your 50's