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Friday Five

Our Friday Favorites for this week!


What I’m Reading: The Pantsuit 2.0 Takes Centre Stage

As Hillary Clinton continues to take the stage and spotlight in what some would call the “Pantsuit 2.0” (racked) , you can learn the secrets behind how they get chosen and the reason behind each particular piece.

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We are used to the typical pantsuit; a notched collar blazer with a tapered leg trouser in a matching colour / print, but as street wear and runway styles are showing us, a pantsuit can be just as fun and fierce as your favourite dress.

With Clinton having her fair go at the Pantsuit 2.0 trend, designer Nina McLemore explains the reasonings and choices behind the famous pantsuits taking centre stage. A memorable suit mix up of hers was when she wore a collarless Ralph Lauren pantsuit, in a bright red colour. Many people said it emphasized her confidence and capability to handle her current position.

Nina discusses with Racked how choosing a pantsuit in a classic shape and conservative colour helps and “encourages others to focus on what a woman is saying, rather than what she’s wearing, but bright colors pop on television and show that she has a sense of humor.” For your next board room meeting,  skip the navy and black and choose a subtle hint of colour in a classic shape for the attention and confidence boost in the workplace!


Life Hack: Avoiding the Awkward Moments of Small Talk


  1. Find the Fun In It:

    During conversation don’t be afraid of a little fun and challenge. Skip the serious conversations, and try a “tell me 3 things about your work, and I will guess what you do for a career” or “that drink looks amazing, let me guess what you’re drinking!” This keeps the conversation light-hearted and you can easily switch topics if things get quiet!

  2. Repeat What They Say:

    If the person you are talking to has a hard time shutting up! When a natural pause comes in the conversation, take the chance to express your interest in what they said and summarize the main point to show that you were listening and understand the point they were trying to get across. They will feel great that you were listening, understood what they were saying and that you think it is amazing to hear all this.

  3. Take a Moment of Silence:

    Make sure you know what you are responding to, whether its a small giggle to a joke or funny statement, a moment of comfort towards someone that has just dealt with a tough time, or a question in response to what they are saying. Take the extra few seconds to really consider the conversation and come up with the best response before laughing at an offensive joke, or smiling in response to the person’s challenging situation.

  4. Plan Your Pickup Line:

    You aren’t going to walk up to someone and hope they have a way to start the conversation. If you are making the efforts to talk to someone, chances are they are also relying on you to start the conversation. Have a few opening lines to get it started, depending on the person it could be a personal greeting or a general one you can re-use throughout the party.

  5. Keep It Civil:

    At social gatherings, there will always be people that once the conversation has started, we find ourselves no longer wanting to talk. This could be linked to a number of things, however, don’t make things awkward or disruptive, instead take the few minutes and sit down with the conversation and then at a natural pause, take your cue to leave.

People Doing Good: Fix your Skin Troubles with 100% Pure

It can be difficult to find a decent, natural and organic skincare line that not only uses safe products but also helps fix up those skin irritations. 100% Pure is a long existing skincare and beauty line that uses these natural products, and gives great results. 

With their newly launched line now specifically catering to your individual skincare problems, you can find multiple step lines for your need. 

  1. Cucumber Juice collection for dry and dull skin will help bring some life back into your skin. With this line containing everything from a foaming face cleanser to a replenishing eye cream.
  2. Matcha Anti-Aging collection, is focused on just that! Using natural ingredients in conjunction with the skins natural abilities to repair itself the Matcha repairs damaged and aging skin.
  3. Rose-Water collection is for the sensitive skin and easily disrupted skin. The natural calming rose water helps to keep skin cool and protected from dirt and everyday wear. 
  4. High Potency Reversal collections works on reversing signs of aging and wrinkles as well as dark spots and dull skin. Using coffee and Rosehip as key ingredients in the collection.