Friday Five: Favorites

Once again that’s a wrap on the week as we get ready to head right on into the weekend. We have some simple things to keep you busy during the weekend!


Once again that’s a wrap on the week as we get ready to head right on into the weekend. We have some simple things to keep you busy during the weekend, and how to deal with the fast-approaching end of summer.

What I’m reading:How to Keep Your Summer Linens Looking as Fresh as They Feel

Nobody likes laundry day, and especially when it involves complicated clothes and delicate fabrics (shameless plug – NUMI Undershirts can solve this laundry problem!) Linen is a favoured fabric in the hot summer months. Due to its natural weave make it breathable and lightweight.


The simple thing to remember is; linen does not have to be dry cleaned. One of the only linen garments that should be regularly dry cleaned is suits, stick to the basics and what is easier.

Washing in the Washing Machine

  1. Stick to cold water and a gentle cycle
  2. Use gentle detergents
  3. Avoid fabric softeners and bleach

Hand Washing

  1. Do not wring the fabric to get rid of water

Machine Drying

  1. Put on a low-heat or no-heat setting
  2. Avoid putting heavy-weight fabrics in machine as well

Air Drying

  1. Lay flat on a towel to dry
  2. Hang on a drying rack – avoid hangers

To Eliminate Wrinkles

Press right after washing when the fabric is still damp. Dark or coloured linen should be pressed on the reverse side of garment. 

Life Hack:The Trick to Making It Feel like Summer All Year Long – Interior Design Hacks

As we slowly drift into August, summer as we know it is soon coming to an end. BUT.. that does not have to mean all those marvellous summer memories, and the feels of summer have to disappear as well. Instead, make it feel like summer all year long by incorporating some colour and summer vibes into your home interior decor.


1. For accents in the kitchen and living room use a combination of white, gold and wood

2. Bring in pops of bright colourful hues like; pink, teal, cobalt blue, yellow, red-orange and fuschia.

3. Tone down the colour palette in your main rooms, by opting for a neutral colour palette. Playing down the tones keeps the space feeling fresh and light, just like summer days.

4. Ditch the boring glassware, and choose some in bright and metallic designs. Consider sea glass glassware for your kitchen as well to give that home by the sea feel.

5. Think nautical vibes with navy blue. Combine with natural elements like wood to avoid a cold wintery feel.

6. Add graphic prints in bold colours, using pillows, wall art or rugs to liven a space up.

People doing good: Presidential Nomination Milestone – 2016

Despite being a household name for what people would say has been decades, it is a milestone and an major accomplishment for Hillary to be officially nominated as the presidential candidate of a major political party; a first for any women. 

As women make up less than 15% for both the health care executive officers and law firms equity partners, and only 4.6% of Forbes 500 chief executives in 2016.   


Men represent a large majority of the workers in congress, and as recent studies have shown – females are more likely to prioritize and push for a change that has a direct connection with women. 

It has also been shown that young girls are more likely to express an interest in running for politics when they see other women representing them and running. Young girls and women need more female role models in politics to look up to and positively represent women in politics. 

Happy Friday!