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Friday Five: Favorites

Welcome to the third edition of Friday Five. Here’s hoping we don’t take too much of your time to fill you with news and updates on the week!

Welcome to the third edition of Friday Five. Here’s hoping we don’t take too much of your time to fill you with news and updates on the week!

Could It Be, a New Shade of Blue?

They say all great things happen when we least expect it. This is exactly what happened with the new found shade of blue.


Scientists in Oregon State created a new shade of pigment of blue, all while experimenting with materials to be used in electronic applications. After combining materials and putting them in a furnace at 2000F, out came a brand new shade of blue: “YInMn Blue” Named after the chemical makeup of Yttrium, Indium and Manganese Oxide.

This new creation not only means Crayola has a new crayon to add to the box, the pigment is made without any toxic chemicals meaning it is way more safe to produce. It also has amazing benefits in helping with energy efficiency, as the material combination has the ability to reflect light and potentially has the qualities to help keep buildings cool if painted on the roofs or walls.

It also is great for art restoration – as many of the classic art pieces from the past are fading with time. However as YInMn Blue is a close match to the common Ultramarine Blue, it is safer and more durable to use and is known to not fade when exposed to water, oil and other elements.

How to Shop for the Perfect Bra

If you have never been fitted for a bra, your defiantly not alone, however you should make an effort next time you are shopping for bras to make sure you are actually buying the right size and style for your size.


The most common questions about bras and the tricks to use when shopping are answered below:

When you try a bra on at the store: Make sure it is fastened using the outermost hooks, this allows for your bra to stay snug as it stretches and shifts with wear. As time goes on, the band of a bra will stretch, allowing you to change the hooks you fasten keeping a tight and snug fit. When you first purchase a bra it should fit a little snug (even on the outermost hooks)

Help, my bra straps keep falling down: There are a couple reasons for this –
It could mean you are shorter in the shoulder length, with this in mind it is recommended that you try on a few different bra styles.

It could mean you are wearing the wrong bra size or style, get fitted again and try on a few different strap and cup styles.

Your bra is worn and stretched. It could mean your bra is telling you to move on, and that it is stretched beyond help! Toss it and go bra shopping!

How to prevent the bulging and spilling in the back: If this is something that you find with bras, try looking for a bra that has a wider band. This will hold everything in place and make sure everything is kept in place!

Washing your bras: I know it is easier to throw it in the washing machine and hope for the best, but if you want your bras to last hand wash them. Use a gentle laundry detergent (something ideal for delicate fabrics and items), and be sure to soak them for 20-30 mins.

You should wash your bras after every 3 wears, especially in the summer months. As well as rotate between which bras you wear at least every 2 days. This allows your bras rest, and will help extend the life of them.

Why Choose Bamboo Fabric for Summer Heat?

In the heat it is recommended to wear natural fibers; like cottons, linens and bamboo fabrics. As they have a natural weave and do not trap heat and sweat in the garment. One of the best natural fibers to wear in summer is bamboo, not only as it is a natural fiber, but also its unique structure and qualities help you cool down and stay cool during the summer months.


It is Absorbent and Moisture Wicking

The natural weave and build of the bamboo fabric allows it to keep you and your clothes dry as it absorbs and wicks moisture away from the skin. Bamboo fabric gets to work immediately and absorbs moisture 3 to 4 times faster than cotton.Bamboo helps to regulate the body temperature

Bamboo fabric is composed with a loose weave – filled with micro gaps placed throughout the fabric. This helps with body temperature regulation. Meaning that in the summer heat, the bamboo fabric helps trap and ventilate cool air to keep you 2 to 3 degrees cooler. While also benefitting when you go indoors to the high AC, by keeping you 2 to 3 degrees warmer!

Marvel Welcomes Women and Racial Diversity to its Next Generation of Superheros!

Even if you are not an avid Marvels fan you can still enjoy the new direction Marvels is taking in their comic books. With the new series following the Civil War (from 2006, and the comic the recent Marvels Civil War movie was based on), the Civil Wars II series will see a shift in the iconic Iron Man character. The beloved Tony Stark will be handing over his suit and power to Riri Williams, a black women, known as a Science Genius from MIT. 


As the series comes to an end, Tony Stark will literally step out of his suit and hand it over to Riri Williams, introducing a new representation for Iron Man (or Iron Woman!). She captures the attention of Tony by building her own Iron Man suit in her college dorm, and flying around America to help where she can. 

Could this be a shift in traditional comics as we know, introducing and expanding diversity in these plot lines, more accurately representing the world around us. Riri Williams could soon become an icon and hero to so many young girls who are trying to find their place in the world of White Male superheros. 

On that note, enjoy your Friday and your Weekend!