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Friday Five

What I’m Reading: Could you be a Victims of Social Media Flaunting?


What I’m Reading: Could You be a Victim of Social Media Flaunting?

Paris Fashion week this year had a different story to tell when Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint from her hotel room. However, when the public decided to voice their opinions on the matter, many were quick to point fingers and blame her constant use of Social Media and flaunting as the trigger to the issue.

With social media we are constantly reminded that once we hit post, it will out there for the world to see! However, so often we forget about revealing our locations in posts that can be easily grabbed from Snapchat Geofilters, Instagram Location tags and Facebook Checkins. They are things that we just add on the regular, without thinking about the dangers that could be associated with these. As well as sharing our belongings with our followers. How often do you see someone on Instagram share a picture of their new purse or car, or on Snapchat show some will show videos of the money they got for their birthdays. Its small things like this, that in the immediate moment seem perfectly safe to post, until something like a gunpoint robbery makes you think differently.

Life Changer Hack: Become The Master at Hosting 


As we welcome in the season of holidays, and what seems to feel like none stop dinner parties and small gatherings, let’s start it off right by learning the key tricks to being a stress-free host.

Julie, a food blogger from The Little Kitchen has had her fair share of hosting guests for the holiday season. She understands the stress and exhaustion that comes with and has shared her key tricks on how to make sure everything goes smooth and problem free right from the start.

  1. Make a Plan

    You may not be a planner, or organized even! But to help the day run smoothly, Julie suggests making a game plan; from what you are serving to who is coming. This will help with planning your meals and grocery shopping so you have a clear sense of how much you need to make and how long things will take to cook. A game plan will allow you to work backward from your serving time, to determine when you need to start cooking each part of the meal to how long it is going to take to cook.

  2. Make Things Ahead of Time

    When you can, meal prep. This isn’t something that’s just for the workweek to make evenings better, it can also help make your dinner parties more fun for you. Some desserts like pies and cobblers can be made ahead of time, frozen and then all you need to do is toss them in the oven to bake. For vegetables, peel them and prep them the night before or even a few days before to save you time the day of.

  3. Ask for Help

    Most often your guests will offer to bring a dish over, and as a host, we immediately want to say “no, don’t worry about it I have everything covered”, which more times than not it isn’t the case. When your guests arrive, feel free to delegate tasks around as well. Believe it or not, it can be difficult to be cooking the dinner, setting the table and serving drinks at the same time. Instead, get someone to man the drinks and restock the bar, while someone else is helping set the table.

  4. Not Everything has to be Homemade

    With enough practice and hosting experience, you will learn what is worth your time on making from scratch, and what is worth spending $6 on at the grocery store to save you 3 hours of time! What you can buy, do and spend the time on you save being the great host you are!

  5. Prep the Night Before

    Finding serving dishes and plates can sometimes be tricky, especially if you keep them in storage for 3/4 of the year! The night before your dinner party lay everything out and make sure you have enough serving platters and bowls for all your dishes and guests. This will also help speed up the process for serving your meals and laying the table.


People Doing Good: The Pink Tax Strikes Again 

This time in our very own city; Toronto, Canada. Local coffee shop Tokyo Smoke Cafe made the pink tax an obvious reality for customers and bluntly exclaimed the difference in pricing between men and women.

Putting up a short-term menu, they listed different pricing based on gender. With M and W showing customers the price they would be charged. With women being charged $1.50 and up more for their regular coffee orders.


This is what society calls the “Pink Tax” additional costs that women have to pay for almost identical products. The Pink Tax is commonly added on to toiletry products and clothing. Where studies have shown that women pay an additional 43% for things like razors, soaps, shampoos and deodorants.

The problem is, we don’t think about it when at the drugstore because it isn’t clearly stated and marked like the Tokyo Smoke Cafe’s menu. Where here women refused to pay for their coffee and walked away in disgust on the price differences based purely on ones gender.