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Friday Five

My five Friday favorites for this week!


What I’m reading: The Troubles of a Resting Bitch Face

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The resting bitch face is a problem many have to suffer through. The countless amount of times others ask you if everything is okay and you have to ask back really puzzled on why they think everything wouldn’t when you remember you suffer from rbf!

It makes everyday things challenging. Photo day at school is never fun! While hanging out with others, you may feel the constant pressure to smile and express you are having a good time, in fear that they will feel you hate their guts!

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When it comes to movie times, you can look like an unemotional person. You can pass off as being the only person in the theatre that was not emotionally moved by the movie. Plus side of that is you don’t have to worry about running mascara or embarrassing snorting in a laughing fit!

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On the plus side, you can dominate any game night with the perfect poker face! Go all in and scare the opponents without cracking a smile.Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 7.37.09 AM

Life Hack: The Best Apps to Keep You Organized

The Goop understands that back to school/ work often means chaos and disorganization for the first few weeks. Both of which are never fun to deal with. Instead, they have a great list of apps for your phone and iPad to keep you and the family on track and organized.

  1. Evernote: makes note taking and organization take top priority. Making it easy to switch between devices while taking notes during class, work or at home phone calls.
  2. Wunderlist: Are you a lover of the to-do list, but want to limit the amount of paper scraps? Wunderlist takes all that and turns it digital. Allowing you to write your list of things to get done, while also making it easy to cross out a task when you’ve done it!
  3. LastPass:LastPass: If you are anything like us, this app will be so helpful! It safely stores your passwords for your accounts and apps, while constantly checking that they are not too easy to crack. It also suggests new password ideas when you are setting up new accounts.
  4. Salt: Expecting company in the near future? Or love to hear about new places in your neighbourhood? Salt is a glorified map app that allows you to see what others in your community has pinned as a great place to grab a bite or a cocktail. It also is super easy to pin yourself and share with friends and out of town visitors.
  5. Voice Dream: Take any written document and instantly make it an audio file to listen to while on the go or while doing another task. With various language and voice options, you can customize the audio file to your own likings.
  6. Polymail: The email box dream! It can combine multiple accounts onto one account, usable on both desktop and mobile for easy switching between devices. The app lets you delay email sending, easily sort by read later and ignore emails as well as offering you an easy way to search through all your emails for the topic or number you were looking for!

Check out Goops complete list for more great apps and choices to make your fall productive!

People doing good: Have an Idea Worth a Million Euros?


International fashion company H&M wants to hear your solution for sustainable fashion. This years focus is “creating clothes for a growing population while improving its impact on the environment” Huffington Post

The Global Change Award, which is funded by the founders and owners of H&M – The Stefan Persson Family. Is granting a lucky winner 1 million Euros for an idea that can change the fashion industry as we know it. Influencing the production, consumption and disposal stages of fashion and positively impacting both the environment and the consumer. 

If you feel like you have the answer the industry is looking for, the award is open for applications in 3 categories:

  • Circular business models covering ideas on how to reuse, repair, share, digitalize or extend the life of products.
  • Circular materials looking for ideas on new fibres, recycling techniques, and leather substitutes, etc.
  • Circular processes aiming to find new methods around chemicals, water and dyeing, as well as 3D printing, demand-driven manufacturing, etc.  

Read more on last years winners and how to enter!

Have a great long weekend!

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