How to Care for Your Silks

How to Care for Your Silks

Skip the dry cleaners and care for your silks with these four simple tips at home, so they can stay silky for a lifetime.

1. Hand wash and be gentle 

Wash your silks by hand in a basin or sink with cold water and gentle detergent so as not to agitate the natural fibres. Move the garment around the soapy water and the stains will release form the fabric. Wear a NUMI with your silks to cut down on how often you need to wash them. 

2. Test for bleeding colors 

Silk fades fast, so before you wash your silks, test a patch of the fabric. Blot a damp towel on it to see if the color transfer, if it does, take it to the dry cleaners. Bright colors and dark colors fade faster so those should be left to the experts.

3. Don't tumble dry! 

Save the structure of your garment by placing it on a towel and dabbing it dry, then hang it over a bathtub, sink or bucket to air dry. 

4. Hang it up!

Hang your silks up to maintain the integrity of your garment, preferably on a foam hanger so the silk doesn't slip. If you plan on storing your silks for a long period, make sure they are clean so moths are less drawn to the natural fibres. 


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