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How to Decorate an Empty Wall

Intimidating as it may be, a blank wall can be a location to show some extra creativity and fun in your home.


Intimidating as it may be, a blank wall can be a location to show some extra creativity and fun in your home. A very easy way to spice up your room is simply painting it a different colour from the surrounding walls. Use the wall as accent wall and paint it a bright colour if you are adventurous! Here are some other options if you don’t want to go that route.


Create a Gallery Wall 

This is a great option to take advantage of the empty space and make it personalized. A gallery wall is a way to make a room feel larger. By the arrangement of picture frames, it will draw the eye upwards making the illusion of a larger room. Win - win! If you have a collection of family photos or illustrations this is a great way to showcase family history and personalized pieces. You can stick to using various sized frames in the same colour such as black to keep it consistent or use a variety of frames, shapes and colours to make more of an eclectic feel. Another great use to personalize this space is to show your children's artwork. They can feel proud of their work on the wall and it is also a great way to remember their childhood years. I suggest laying out all of your frames on the ground before putting them up just to make sure what arrangement you want them to be in. They don’t have to be in a perfect grid set up. Mix it up by making them off centre from one another. Have some fun with it!


    Use Wallpaper

    A blank wall is a great opportunity to make a statement in your home. Wallpaper was always associated to our grandmother home, but there are many options and designs to pick from that are far from boring! Opt for a large patterned wallpaper to make a statement. If you aren’t as adventurous choose a subtler pattern in a neutral colour.


    Make a Feature Bookshelf

    This is a great option for someone who needs extra storage or has a large collection of knick knacks or books. Practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. You can purchase bookshelves from Ikea or get the unit custom built. This is a great way to showcase your creativity in the arrangement of books according to colour for example. The shelves do not have to be used solely for books but can hold baskets, artwork and many more objects.

    Get a Large Piece of Artwork

    Bring in some culture by showcasing some artwork. Go to a local art shop or market to support local talent. A large canvassed art piece is an easy way to add contemporary aura to your home. If you are a creative being, purchase a large blank canvas and make your own artwork. Paint or create art that you think will compliment your home. It will be a great conversation starter and be a reminder to always display your creativity. There are a ton of options to look for depending on what you want your space to command. A large black and white photograph will make the space very sleek and elegant versus a colourful impressionist painting would bring a playful tone to the room. Opt for something that catches your eye!

    Fill the Space with a Large Mirror 

    If you do not want to put much effort into decorating your empty space, opting for a large mirror would be a great option for you. It is a simple one piece of furniture that can create a very large impact. Lean this piece against the wall for a casual effect or hang it on the wall. There are an absurd amount of mirrors that you can choose from. If you have time go to a local furniture shop, market for simply to Ikea for convenience to find one. Varying in a ton of different designs, shapes and colours. Why not get a decorative elaborate mirror to make a statement in your room? If you want to save some money spray paint a less expensive mirror to have the same effect as a more expensive one! It is also a great way to add more light into the room.