How to Live Sustainably on a Budget

These simple tips will have you living sustainably and saving money.

Living a sustainable, eco-friendly life can sound expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some simple tips you can implement in your daily routine to cut down on waste and pollution.

1. Save energy, use cold water

Washing on a cold cycle saves energy and helps the environment because you're not using energy to heat up the water. Coldwater is also better for keeping your clothes in shape. With a NUMI undershirt, you'll be doing even less laundry every week. For extra money-energy-saving, hang your clothes to dry and skip

2. Opt for natural soaps

Switch your shower gels for natural bar soaps. They come in less packaging, so less waste that will end up in landfills. They're also cheaper, last longer and you can find great natural soaps that will keep you clean without stripping away all the good stuff; try this list of natural soaps. 

3. Skip Starbucks, make your coffee at home

Skip the lines and save money, by making your coffee at home. Using a portable coffee mug cuts down on waste as you're not using the disposable cups, sleeves, or sugar packets. You can also opt for fair-trade coffee that is ethically grown and harvested, like this list of 15 coffee brands

4. Unplug your devices 

When they aren't in use, your plugged-in devices are soaking up energy. According to SaveOnEnergy, less energy means less greenhouse gas emission that pollutes the air. So, by unplugging, you're contributing to a healthier environment, plus it'll save you money on the next power bill!