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How to Wear Color to the Office Without Standing Out

When looking for workwear we usually stray towards neutrals and dark colours, but there are still ways to add color to your work wardrobe!
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headerWhen looking for workwear we usually stray towards neutrals and dark colours. These allow us to blend in with the work crowd and feel like we are amongst our co-workers. This leaves the office fashion looking blah and gloomy! 

Try changing things up by bringing some colour back into your workweek wardrobe, whether it is with one statement piece or a full colour ensemble.

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NUMI – Signature Seamless Undershirt
House of Fraser – Pink Cigarette Trouser
Jimmy Choo – Reflective Heel
Mango – Poplin Shirt

The colour pop in this outfit is obvious, the bright pink pants. To keep things looking professional and clean look for a pant with a tailored leg fit, something in a trouser form. These will fall nicely with heels and will look great with a shirt tucked in or layered over. 

If you are new to adding colour to your wardrobe (which let’s be honest we all are!) then you probably aren’t feeling brave enough to wear a contrasting colour on top. That is totally okay. To compliment the brightness of the cigarette pants, we pulled a white poplin top – a cropped short sleeve button up with a boxy cut. This will add some volume to the top, which will help balance out the bright hue and slim fit of the pink trouser. To prevent sweat stains from ruining your colourful look be sure to layer you NUMI underneath. Remember if you are wearing a white shirt you want to choose a nude undershirt as this will become unnoticeable when layered under. 

The finishing touches of the outfit will make all the difference. To keep your trouser the statement piece in the look you want to choose shoes and bags that are simple. This grey heel is the perfect shade to balance out the white and pink, without overshadowing the attention of the trouser. 

Check Out Some of NUMI's Color Inspiration 

We are loving this bold fashion look from @lawyerlookbook. She went full out in her colourful pieces, choosing contrasting colours that compliment each other perfectly.

How to Wear At Home:
If you are feeling super brave and want to have a go at mismatching colours, make sure that you are choosing pieces in a solid – we don’t want any prints added into this combination. Keep the outfit to a 3 colour maximum and be sure to tie in at least 1 neutral item – like Brittany’s Nude heels. 

@meganzietz dress is grabbing our attention. The colourful lines and playful print have us wanting to wear it everyday of the week.

How to Wear At Home:
If you have a colourful piece that is a loud bold print, be ready to catch some eyes! You want to keep everything else simple are carefree. If it is a top or bottom pair it with a neutral and simple structured top or bottom. When doing your makeup, don’t go overboard, with a statement piece like this less is more.

@colorandgrace goes monochromatic with her yellow accessories, balancing it out with a lace textured burgundy dress.

How to Wear At Home:
If you have multiple accessories in the same colour, go ahead and have a go with this look. This is a great way to slowly ease yourself into wearing more colour. You can wear you neutral and basic items and play them up with a colourful shoe, bag, belt, necklace, scarf, lipstick or nail colour 

This colourful print dress that @wardrobe_oxygen has styled is the perfect transition piece that can take you from work to weekend with a change of accessories. 

How to Wear At Home:
With everything going on with this dress – the long maxi, the multiple colours and the various prints you want to keep everything else at a bare minimum. The nice thing about a maxi dress is you don’t have to worry about matching another colour or finding a top to go with a bright pant,  instead it is all done for you. If you can match a pair of your shoes to a colour in the dress then go ahead and make that work, but sometimes they just aren’t right. Instead choose something in a simple colour like nude, tan and black depending on the darkness of the colours.

We dare you to give the colourful looks a try!