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Take Time for Yourself

Finding a moment of time for yourself can be difficult, but its important to take some time a breathe. Find your favourite way and fit it into your schedule.

We are living busy lives and rarely have time to slow down care for ourselves. However, it is important to take time each day to wind down. No, you are not wasting time by not doing something that you would automatically think is productive. In reality it is extremely beneficial for your well-being. Schedule some time for yourself if that be waking up a little earlier in the morning or for taking a bit of time during the day for you. Set aside a duration that works for you and make this a routine for yourself. There are numerous things that you can do during your “Me Time” depending on what you enjoy or what allows you to relax.

As they say, life is not a race so take time to enjoy what is happening around! In the midst of juggling family and work it is easy to forget to care about yourself as we put everyone ahead of ourselves. Remember that you are important too. Take some time to recharge.


There are many benefits to meditating. It allows you to clear your mind, appreciate life more and give you good concentration. These are only a few positives to this! All it takes is a quiet space and as little as 10 minutes. I suggest doing it right when you wake up so you can start your day right. Sit in a relaxed position and let your mind wander, think about what is happening in your life or what you want to achieve. If you find it difficult to guide your thoughts download an app such as Breathe. This app helps you customize your feelings on what you want to focus on. This is especially wonderful for beginners. Don’t knock it till you try it!

Writing in a Journal

This is extremely beneficial for self reflection. An excellent exercise when your mind is racing. Write down whatever comes to mind, let your thoughts flow onto the paper. You would be surprised to see what you have written afterwards. Now that you can visually see your thoughts, you can organize them and make a plan on what actions to take next. Write down your goals, feelings, or write for fun.Write down something great that happened so you don’t forget it. It will be a great way to build a collection of your memories. Let your mind take the wheel.

Reading a Book

Get comfortable wherever you may be and pull out your book. This is a way to escape from reality and really be enthralled by whatever you may be reading. A perfect option for those who only have time for themselves when commuting. Maximize your time with this relaxing pastime. Take a look at the January Reading List that we have compiled for some ideas of what to read!

Take a Walk

Clear your mind by walking. It is also a good way to exercise both the mind and body. Simply walk around your neighbourhood or stop to sit on a park bench. Enjoy the fresh air and your surroundings. Feel free to walk at any pace you like if that be walking or jogging, which ever works for you. Let this silence be a way to get away from stresses and allow you to come think about how to overcome them. Or if you prefer, embrace the silence and don’t think of anything other than enjoying the time you have at that very moment. Use this time for what you want to address with yourself!

Take a Bath

What is a better way of relaxing than taking a bath. Put in your favourite bath bomb, light some candles, what more do you need? This is the great way to relax both your body and mind. It is also perfect to take one right before bed as you will be able to have an easy sleep afterwards.

These are only a few options you can do during your “Me Time”. Do whatever you feel is best for you and try to make a routine of this each day! You can find time for yourself no matter how busy you are. Make the time for yourself so you can be the best you can be and achieve your goals.