#WCW: How to dress like Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Anniston is a perfect example of ageless elegance.  She always shows off a fresh classic look and her casual yet elegant style makes her look versatile and timeless.  Today we are celebrating #wcw (aka woman crush Wednesday!) taking style inspiration from our favourite Friend.

Here are 3 tips on how to dress like Jennifer:


Jennifer Aniston Style


1) LBD: Jennifer always wears an outfit that compliments her body, and little black dresses, aka LBD's, are a must in every wardrobe for that very reason.  Black is a flattering colour for every shape and it is super versatile and easy to change up your look with different accessories.  And as black is a conservative colour you can add a little spice by showing off some skin (but remember to just pick one asset to show off!).

2) Neutral look: Jennifer effortlessly pulls of a natural look. She utilizes casual colours such as navy, grey, brown, white and of course, black to keep her outfits classic.  Neutral colours also enhance and intensify accent colours you pair with them.  You can also mix together neutrals for a relaxed and easygoing look. 

3) Denim Jeans: wearing boot-cut jeans is one of Jennifer’s classic styles. Casual jeans with flats will give you that easygoing relaxed look. Her jeans are always well fitted which is the key to pulling it all together. Having a pair of jeans you love is like a best friend, they always makes you feel your best!

What’s you favourite Jennifer Aniston style inspiration? Let us know in the comments below!