Fashionista Feature: Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat

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Nudy Patooty Fashionista Feature: Danielle BernsteinOne thing I've learned from working in the fashion industry is that it's fuelled by very passionate people.

There are so many of us out there (both professionals and fashionistas alike) who are looking for the chance to inspire, and be inspired every day.

But as much as I love putting together new outfits, there are some mornings when I just can't find the right one. 

That's why I love browsing new trendy blogs or revisiting favourite spots to collect ideas.

One of my best sources of inspiration right now is WeWoreWhat, a personal fashion blog that just keeps getting more popular.

And I can see why.

When I first visited the site, I instantly loved the street style of the photos. The founder and blogger Danielle Bernstein is so casually placed throughout NYC looking effortlessly fabulous and modern, it's impossible not to like her.

Nudy Patooty Fashionista Feature: Danielle Bernstein

The NYC native in her early twenties has attracted a massive social media following and attention from big brands.

Her blog features big, beautifully realistic photos, and although some of her wardrobe is a little pricey, there are always suggested items at the bottom of each post for replicating the look.

Check out WeWoreWhat when you have a minute, you'll find some interesting ideas and a video featuring Danielle and her journey to becoming an elite fashion blogger. 

Have a great week, and go get inspired!