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Our promise is to deliver high quality, comfortable undergarments that inspire you to live a better life by feeling confident in your clothes every day.  We use premium fabrics and develop functional designs to ensure your base layer feels better than wearing nothing.  

Our goal is to save you time and money.  Dry-cleaning is time consuming and expensive, not to mention hard on your clothes.  Perspiration and antiperspirant stains are embarrassing and permanently damaging.  Our undershirts are designed with your needs in mind, to protect and extend the life of your clothes and save you money.

"Sweat stains ruining blouses is the #1 problem I'm asked how to solve by readers, and the simple solution is to never let them happen in the first place."

-Alison Freer, xoJane


Our Story

Nudy Patooty founder, Michelle Shemilt, was inspired to create a line of undershirts for women while working in finance and one day realizing that she wasn't wearing her favorite clothes because embarrassing perspiration stains, antiperspirants permanently staining her clothes and the high cost and inconvenience of dry-cleaning.  When she looked for a solution on the market she realized there was no practical option available, so she decided to develop one herself!

With a growing need for a practical women's base layer that is body slimming, moisture wicking, and a practical solution to keep your clothes clean, Nudy Patooty has developed the best undershirts for women!

The Doctor Oz show listed women’s most embarrassing health problems and guess what topped the list?  Excessive perspiration.  Not because it’s the most serious medical problem but because it’s such a common nuisance. 



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