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Our Story


NUMI founder Michelle Shemilt was working in finance when she realized she wasn't wearing her favourite clothes because she was worried about getting embarrassing sweat stains and paying the high cost of dry cleaning. When she looked for a comfortable and practical solution, all she could find were tank tops and camisoles which didn't help protect her underarms in her clothes or stick-in armpit pads that were uncomfortable to wear. She started to talk to her female friends and colleagues and quickly realized this was a problem for the majority of women she spoke with. It was then she decided to come up with a solution herself, leading her to create NUMI.

Our mission is to empower women to have the confidence to be the best version of themselves everyday!

Our Brand

NUMI has developed the first line of sustainable undergarments for women that extend the life of clothing such as shirts, blouses, dresses and suits by keeping them clean longer and protecting them from damaging stains.


Formerly called Nudy Patooty, NUMI has been featured as a revolutionary new fashion trend and innovative design on Dragon’s Den, NBC’s Today Show, The Toronto Star, Real Simple magazine, and at the National Women’s Show, and the Toronto Women’s Entrepreneurial Forum.

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