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New Look, Same Technology

A snug and slim fit isn't for everyone, so we created a new version of our undershirt designed with added ease through the body and a raised neckline.

This style is semi-fitted through the body and arm and is perfect for anyone looking for a more modest look and coverage.

The Semi-Fitted vs The Signature

If the slim fit of the Signature Undershirt isn’t for you, you’ll love our new Semi-Fitted style!

What Makes the Semi-Fitted Different?

Offers More Coverage vs The Signature

  • Added ease through the body and arm
  • Shallow scoop neckline, which offers more coverage vs The Signature
  • Neckline is approximately 1.5 inch higher than The Signature Undershirt - offering discreet coverage

Same Sweat-proof Technology, with a Looser Fit and Higher Neckline. 

  • The Semi-Fitted Undershirt gives you an added ease of movement and a more modest fit. 
  • The Signature gives you a more snug fit and lower neckline. 
  • And both styles feature our patented sweat-proof underarm shields!

How To Style

The Semi-Fitted Undershirt is still a perfect undershirt for any occasion.

Wear under a cardigan for a comfy fit.

Pair it with a shirt for a relaxed look.

Keep it classy with a blazer.

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