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The Truth Of It

We connected with our customers to start a dialogue about sweat.

We wanted to share their stories so women know that no, it’s not just them, and yes, there is a solution.

How do our undershirts make you feel?

"Feels like second skin… like it's not even there"

– Sher

"Protected, and a lot more confident
in terms of what I'm wearing."

– Katie

"Warm in big air conditioned towers,
cool in the summer somehow!"

– Shannon


Why wear an undershirt?

"Safe to sweat in!"

– Julia

"You don't want to sweat in your cashmere sweaters."

– Stephanie

"Dry cleaning is outrageously expensive!"

– Nabeela

What do you wear it with?

"Silk! and white shirts."

– Molly

"Brighter colours, tighter sweaters!"

– Katie

"Anything other than black"

– Alice



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