How to Dress for Your Body Type This Summer: Triangle

How to Dress for Your Body Type This Summer: Triangle


It is important to always feel confident with your body, and the way you dress it can make a huge difference. We are here to help you dress for your body type. Today we’ll focus on the triangle shape. 

Your triangle shape is lucky to share the same figure as Beyonce! You can’t complain about that considering she always looks fabulous in what she wears. Here are some things to consider when dressing for your shape:

-Skirts are perfect for the summer, try to find ones that flare out or have movement in them.

-Since you have a small waistline, show them off with the tops and dresses you choose.

-You want to look for a jacket that is a few inches above your hipline to expose more of your lower half and to make your legs look longer.

-Keep your bottom choices simple and structured to leave the visual interest to your top half.

-You want to draw the eye upwards with your accessories. Try a cute headband or cool hat.

-Find shoes that will elongate your legs, such as heels. Keep them simple and avoid ankle straps.

-Wear bright eye-catching colors on top to draw the attention upwards.

What do you like the best about your body shape and what do you do to show that off?

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