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5 Tips for Packing Light

Packing a lighter bag while traveling is always beneficial for yourself and your wallet. Whether you’re headed on a business trip or on a family vacation, these techniques will help you pack light for your next trip (without forgetting anything!)

Make a checklist

This may sound obvious but many people forget to do it. By writing everything down and how many of each you need, you can easily determine what are essentials and what’s not. These printable lists from a pair & a spare are a lifesaver!

Roll up your clothing

Try rolling your clothes instead of laying it out flat as it will save you a lot of space. Stack the bulkiest items in the corner to distribute the weight, followed by your other items in the centre.

Neutral shades

If you stay with neutral colours when packing, it is easier to mix and match your pieces. If you’re going on a business trip, bring along skirts, pants, and blazers that complement each other.

Learn to layer

If you’re headed somewhere cold, layers are necessary but don’t pack a bulky jacket. Instead, opt for thin sweaters and you can wear your largest layer on the plane with you. Summer heat doesn't always mean you can ditch the sleeves, after a day in the sun the evening can cool down. Instead get the best lightweight summer layers, that are easy to pack and travel with. 

Choose your shoes

Before you toss any pair of shoes into your bag, ask yourself if you really do need them. Usually you want to have a pair of dressier footwear and a casual pair.