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5 Beauty Tips for the Traveler

When travelling to any destination, it is extremely tempting to bring all your beauty products along with you even though they are sometimes unnecessary. Our beauty products are our prized possessions but sometimes a girl’s got to compromise, especially when there are tons of restrictions on bottles and liquids when travelling. Don't worry because we have 5 beauty tips to prepare you for the next trip you go on.

1) Figure out your essentials. What are the items that you cannot live without? That could be your foundation, mascara, or lipstick. Go through your beauty products and sort them into items you need and don’t necessarily need on a trip.

2) Mini. Everything. It is super easy to find a tiny version of that shampoo or lotion that you like. Another option is getting mini bottles and squirting your own stuff into them.

3) Avoid spills or leakage. If you’re bringing shampoo or lotion, wrap them in towels or in plastic bags so they don’t spill all over your stuff. You don’t want to arrive at your destination only to find all your stuff covered in a sticky mess.

4) Stay looking (and feeling) fresh on long flights. Bring a face spray or wipe with you to freshen up during a long flight. Also bring moisturizer since it can get extremely dry in planes.

5) Try solid options. Solid shampoos and soaps such as the ones from Lush are a great alternative to liquids when packing. They also work just as well as their liquid siblings.