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Michelle's Must-Haves: Fashionably Functional Fall Looks

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In celebration of the new style season, this months must-haves are a curated list of my favourite fall 2014 fashion trends.

We saw them sauntering down the runway last February, and now I've picked the best looks and made them into a wearable list that's functional, and fashionable too! 



  • 60’s Inspired Dresses: Mini skirts and A-line dresses, yes please! They're especially safe in the fall when I can pair my minis with opaque tights (regardless of what the fashion elite say, no one is taking my black tights away!)

  • Knit Pants: Knits this season are not too big or very intricate (we're looking for something that's just right!) Knit pants you say? I’m curious too, they look quite comfy!

  • Sneakers: I’ve never been much of a sneaker gal, but since practicality is having its 15 minutes of fashion fame I figure we better embrace it while we can. I'm sure 6" stilettos will be the name of the game again in no time, and we’ll be wishing we hadn’t taken so long to adopt the comfy trend. (Birkenstocks are also in vogue – who knew this day would come?)

  • Neon Accents: Neon’s been around for a few seasons now, and unlike when it had its debut and the fashion world was flashing neon everywhere, it has been toned down to an accent which I’m definitely digging. Neon dress? No, thanks. Neon splash on my dress? I can get into that.

  • Red: Dark blue hues have always dominated fall, but this year red is taking the main stage and I am welcoming the vibrant colour with open arms. It's hard not to feel sexy and confident in red. Colour me happy!


The one fall trend I’m still struggling to wrap my head around is wearing dresses over pants.

Never say never, but I think I’m going to take a pass on this one. Plus if I start wearing my pants with my dresses I’m going to have to double my wardrobe to avoid an abnormally high repeat rate.

But now that I think of it, that may not be a bad thing… ;)


So we’d love to know: what fashion item are you always dying to get back into come fall? Leave your answer for us in the comments below!