Tree Décor Ideas for Small Spaces

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Decorating a tree for the holidays can prove to be a challenge when dealing with small spaces. Not only is it hard to bring a tree into a condo or apartment because of the limited space, but many condos prohibit the use of real trees because of the mess they create and disposal issues. Here are a few alternative tree ideas that still provide your space with a festive spirit.   

Starlet TreesThese modern looking trees made of lights take up a small amount of space and give off a warm holiday glow. You can find these trees at

BranchesOn the center of your dining room table, place a vase with an assortment of tall branches. This gives off a more sophisticated appearance as opposed to placing a small potted tree on the table and gives you the opportunity to hang ornaments from the branches.

Wall DecalsWall decals are a fun and easy way to bring some holiday spirit into your home. They take up no space at all and they are easy to peel off without leaving a mark on your wall. With many different designs and colours, you can be as creative as you want. has a wide variety of tree decals to choose from.

Silver and Glass treesLining an array of glass and silver trees across a mantle or the center of a table will give a winter wonderland feel to the space. Trees found at


How do you decorate your small space?  Let us know in the comments below!