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Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has now become one of the most important websites for finding a job and promoting your personal brand. Here are a few tips to improve you LinkedIn and put your best forward.

  1. Create a personalized URL
    It’s best to create a custom URL around your name. It makes your name easily searchable on Google
  2. Join groups
    Joining groups allows you to connect with people who are not your contacts. It gives you permission to reach out to them and invite them into your network without having to upgrade your account.
  3. Only endorse your top skills
    Ask contacts to only endorse your top skills. Having the highest number of endorsements for your key strengths will influence those who are looking at your profile and highlight exactly what your best at.
  4. Make wise connections
    Employers look to see who you associate yourself with so make sure you connect with people who reflect well on you.
  5. Ask for recommendations
    Recommendations can make or break a job application. Having your connections write a good recommendation letter for the public to read immediately increases your credibility and adds depth to your experiences.

After updating your profile using these tips, make sure to keep your profile up to date with new skills and experiences to further increase the chance of a future employer connecting with you. 

Comment below if you have any tips for improving your LinkedIn