Dressing For A Job Interview

Dressing For A Job Interview
When dressing for a job interview, it’s very important to appear professional. When you hear the words “professional work attire”, it’s easy to imagine a dull pantsuit. However, dressing for a job interview doesn’t have to be boring. There are many options for women to appear sophisticated yet stylish. Whether it’s a corporate or a creative job you are interviewing for, it’s always best to stay on the conservative side of things. Opt for neutral colours such as black, white or camel. Skirts and dresses should hit the knee and be form fitting. A perfectly tailored blazer is a staple item and by keeping your dress conservative, it leaves some room for you to play with colour and print of your top. Adding simple, yet elegant, accessories such as a structured tote, watch, stud earrings and closed-toe heels allow you to add your own personal touch. Below is an example of a professional and chic interview outfit. It features black high-waisted trousers with a scallop patterned shirt, paired with a crocodile tote, black closed-toe heels and a gold watch.
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