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4 Tips to Make Summer Feel Longer

Has it hit you that it's mid-August already?! If you're stressed over how to spend these last summer weeks, we've got some helpful ways to make you feel a little more satisfied by the end of it. But don't let sweat ruin the fun - stay dry and stress-free with a NUMI!


1. Keep your brain on its toes

Studies show that when we experience or learn something new, time feels slower. A quick way to learn something new is with Blinkist, a new app which provides the key takeaways from the best books out there.

Engage both your mind and your body by cooking or trying a new cuisine, exploring your city, or booking a weekend getaway. The list is endless!

2. Indulge yourself

While doing and learning new things is important, dedicate some time to pampering yourself while you still have time!

Here's 8 moisturizing shampoos to repair all that summertime hair damage, 17 summer-inspired nail polishes you probably haven't tried yet, and the best new TV shows you'll want to get a head start on for fall.


3. Make the most of your summer closet

Organizing your closet can help you take inventory of what you already have. You'll be able to style more outfits and reduce the need to buy more.

Also, you can wear your favorite summer pieces over and over - without worry or dry cleaning - by protecting them with a NUMI underneath.


4. Psych it up!

As Doctor of Psychology John Grovol puts it, "Summertime is a great time to relax, recharge and re-organize your resources and life. Not just your outside life, but your inner life as well." Take his 5 personal tips on how to make sure you end the summer on the best note possible.

Until then, soothe your "August anxiety" - the uneasiness you feel in anticipation of summer ending - with this relatable article.