5 Ways Stress Can Help You

5 Ways Stress Can Help You

Everyone faces stress in their lives and for many of us it occurs at work when deadlines get tight. We all think that stress is a terrible thing and it is bad for our health. However, Time Magazine gives us 5 reasons to believe that stress can actually be our friend when it doesn’t become chronic.

Boost brainpower 

Moderate stress can stimulate the production of brain chemicals called neurotrophins that strengthen the connections between neurons in the brain.

Helps your immune system 

When stress occurs, the body prepares itself for injury or infection. It does this by producing interleukins, a chemical which helps regulate the immune system.

Become more resilient 

Practice makes for better outcomes and the same goes for stress. You start to learn how to manage stress better and have a better sense of control.

Motivation to succeed 

Good stress is called eustress and it is when you use that stress as a way to better manage your situation. This is achieved by rising up to the challenge rather than seeing it as defeat.

It can enhance child development 

If you are looking to become a mother, moderate stress during pregnancy can lead to children having greater motor and developmental skills.

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