5 Ways to Seem More Powerful at Work

5 Ways to Seem More Powerful at Work

Seeming more powerful can become a useful tool no matter where you are on the corporate ladder. It also gives you a sense of confidence that can help take you further in your career. An article from Time explains 5 proven ways to exude strength and power. We found it extremely fascinating that these simple suggestions can change the way you feel and how people perceive you.

Take space

One way to seem more powerful at work is through the way you sit and stand. Try “expansive poses” where you take on a wide stance with your hands on your hips.

The “red sneaker effect”

Sometimes looking like the odd one out is beneficial. Often we think that people who stick out of the norm have a higher status and therefore do not need to conform to everyone else.

Big-picture language

When communicating in broader terms, people feel that you are more powerful. Abstract language is perceived to be associated with people in power.

Call the shots on eye contact

People with lower status tend to give more eye contact as if to seek approval whereas those with higher status don’t feel the need to seek approval and can easily break eye contact.

Stand at the back of the elevator

A study done on human interaction in an office found there was a social order in the way people placed themselves in an elevator. Many of the senior level employees who have a relative amount of power stood at the back of the elevator.


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