5 Hacks for the Mid-Day Slump at Work

The 3pm crash is a real thing! Skip the caffeine and sugary snacks, we have real solutions that will reboot your energy levels and keep you productive.
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The hours post lunch and pre-commute home can sometimes be long, daunting and near impossible to get through. It can be easy to reach for the coffee (upgrading to a venti) or overdosing on the sugary snacks, forgetting about the post-sugar crash. 

Avoid these short-term solutions to the slump, and try out these five alternatives next time you feel like catching shut eye mid day in the office.

1. Walk It Off

Step away from the desk for a minute and head outside. Walk around the block, run an errand or phone a friend for a quick catchup while getting fresh air. If you can't find the time to step outside, take the time to lap the office! Make an excuse to walk to the printer, the water cooler or the bathroom. Any excuse to get you up and moving for a few minutes will help get the blood rushing again.

2. Stretch It Out

Get your body moving again and switch up your posture and seating position. There are so many stretches you can do seated at the desk without anyone thinking you are doing a full yoga routine. Check out some easy stretches you can do right here

3. Tea Time

Our immediate reaction to a mid-day crash is to consume mass amounts of caffeine, but stop! Ditch the Venti Coffee and turn on the kettle instead for a refreshing tea. Although tea still has caffeine in it, the natural ingredients will help carry the energy throughout the rest of the day instead of causing a late day crash. Try a Green Tea, Peppermint Tea or a Lemon and Ginger Tea.

4. Press Play 

Playing some music can boost your energy levels and give you the boost and excitement you need to carry you on for the rest of the day. Not sure what type of music to play? 8 Tracks or Spotify have a selection of playlists to suit any office vibe and music taste.

5. Get Social

The afternoon is the perfect time to organize a team meeting or brainstorm session. Having other people around will boost your energy levels, and engaging in conversation will keep you on your toes and carry you right through the afternoon slump.