5 Ways to Update Your Home for Spring

5 quick updates to make to your living room brighten up and welcome in the Spring and Summer months.
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After a long winter, being stuck inside your living room may be looking a bit blah to you. Leave the winter blues behind for a few months and brighten up your living room with some simple and low-budget updates. 

Hang Up Mirrors

Nothing opens and brightens up a space better than mirrors. Take a hunt around flea markets and thrift stores for some fun finds in vintage frames or unique shapes. Adding these to your walls in place of a piece of art will open up the space (and give you a new selfie wall for outfit pictures!) 

Bring in the Green

Now that temperatures have warmed up and the sun is out for more than a couple hours a day you can have another go at keeping house plants alive! Bringing in some greenery will brighten up the space, and help you bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. Not sure what plant to get? Here's a handy guide just for that!

Open Up Your Shelving

Spend an afternoon getting creative and building some new shelves (or repurposing some old shelves) for the living room. Use the shelves to display your favourite treasures, or to put out some books you never get round to reading. It will also help keep you organized as you will want to minimize the clutter on display to keep the space clean and open. 

Switch Up the Scent

With each new seasons you will want to mix up the scent, this will help refresh your space behind the scenes and pick something better suited for the season. DIY your own diffuser with essential oils and choose the perfect bottle that suits your decor.

Play With New Textures

Switching out furniture is costly and not sustainable, so unless it is an immediate need stick to the couch accessories to refreshen your seating arrangements. If you have a knack for sewing, grab some bright colours and rich textures from a local fabric store and stitch up some pillows or shop local designers and artisans for some one of a kind pillows your guests will love when they visit!