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Friday Five: Favorites

How was the week? Is it one of those “finalllyy its friday” or “What its already friday?!”.

How was the week? Is it one of those “finalllyy its friday” or “What its already friday?!”

Don’t worry we have your Friday Five, for a quick catch up and easy read to get you to the weekend. 

How to Get Your Groove Back When Times Get Rough

When something goes bad, I often find it leads to what seems like a never ending train of bad outcomes and disappointments. Leaving you feeling like your stuck in a rut. Noticing everything that didn’t used to happen. When we change our routine, or our familiar surroundings in can be hard to settle back in and find that grove you once had. Something that seems so new can take ages to adjust to and feel comfortable again. 


They can create physical changes, changing the reflection we see staring back at us in the mirror. Breakouts can start, besides the fact that we could have sworn was a stage we passed, or permanent dark circles under your eyes leaving you to think if you finished another bottle of wine to yourself the night before! These things can daunt us and keep us going in that downward spiral. It takes that one jolt of energy to get us back on the right tack, back to our old self and the old (but new) routine. Learning to except that life us full and will continue to be full of changes and challenges, but discovering that you don’t have to loose yourself is important.

These simple steps from Manrepeller will help you get your groove back and building that self confidence back up!

  1. Look at a childhood photo of yourself – inspire the younger you!
  2. Think of who you love, and why you love them
  3. Imagine how you want to make people feel
  4. Analyze the benefits of making yourself look your best
  5. Think of who you admire, and why you admire them
  6. Imagine the ideal world you want to live in!

The Amazing Benefits of Filling Your Home with House Plants (Both Big and Small!)

Plants aren’t just for your garden, something you plant once a year and forget about them until they die and you re plant the next year! Moving them indoors can do wonders for the space as well as your overall health. 

According to LifeHacks the 7 wonders of bringing plants into the home may change your mind, and have you considering bringing a green , leafy friend home.

They Help Purify the Air

Skip the loud, chunky air purifier and instead pick up a nice slim plant. They help eliminate toxins from the air, and could solve that dry cough you find yourself getting half the year.

They Lower Stress Levels and Increase Work Productivity


They Give Healthy Produce

Mind you this is only if you opt for the edible plants (like herbs, tomatoes, lemons) but being able to pick the produce from your own garden is way more fun than shopping at the grocery store.

They Make Great House Decors and Statement Pieces

As long as they are alive and healthy (unlike my dead palm leaf tree on the balcony!) they can become the feature in the room. Large plants and indoor trees look great in open concept layouts, while small plants are perfect for tables, countertops or windowsills in the office or living area. 

Plants Can Help You Sleep Better

Something like Aloe or Lavender by the bed can help when they emit the smoothing effect throughout the day and night, helping you have a more restful sleep. 

They Help Fight the Common Cold

You can be sick no more. The clean air, and recycling of air will eliminate traces of bacteria and colds, reducing your chances of getting sick.

They Improve Wellbeing

Seeing green brings a positive energy and overall happiness to an environment. They also create a nice aesthetic to a space and make the space look clean and fresh!

How to Style the Only Nude Shirt You’ll Ever Need

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New York Graffiti Art Make for More than a Statement Piece

Click to view slideshow.

German artist Katharina Grosse has transformed an abandoned building left behind from Hurricane Sandy. Part of the MoMA recovery efforts to bring awareness to parts of the city still recovering from the storm, the left behind military aquatics building has been transformed into an exhibition. 

Have a good weekend!