Fun Facts About Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine’s day, the day to share love to your families, friends, and significant other!

Hey lovelies,

Today is Valentine’s day, the day to share the love to your families and friends. February 14 isn’t only a Hallmark holiday, there are a ton of interesting facts that has occurred on this day. Although it may be cheesy to some, personally I love it, why not get into the spirit and make someones day?

  • 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year, making this holiday the second-most popular greeting-card-giving occasion.
  • In 1912 Arizona becomes a state.
    • Girls of medieval times ate bizarre foods on St. Valentine's Day to make them dream of their future spouse.
    • 220,000 is the average number of wedding proposals on Valentine's Day each year.

    • In The Cadbury family are responsible for the first boxed chocolates as in,1868, Richard Cadbury gave his beloved a heart shaped box of chocolates