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How to be a Boss Lady

Fall is upon us and the cooler weather approaches. Meaning it is just about time to break out the sweaters and oversized jackets.


Fall is upon us and the cooler weather approaches. Meaning it is just about time to break out the sweaters and oversized jackets.


Shop this look:

Mango – Knit Sweater 
NUMI – Signature Seamless Nudy 
Zara – Heeled Bootie 
Aritzia – Black Trouser 
Loewe – Camel Wrap Coat (similar) 

Boss Lady Essentials Go As Follows:

Let’s start with outerwear. A structured wool coat never hurt anybody. It is great to have this staple in a neutral colour so you can wear it throughout fall and even winter months.  The structured silhouette allows for a guaranteed sophisticated look with minimal effort. The high-waisted trousers provides an unexpected twist with it’s asymmetrical front. A Boss Lady takes pride in the little details. Forest Green is one of fall’s hottest colours.  This is a subtle way to add a pop of colour into your outfit. All of this layering can be quite warm, so don’t forget to wear your favourite NUMI undershirt to protect you from any embarrassing stains and help keep you focusing on the job!


Shop this look:

Michael Kors – Wrap Blouse 
NUMI – Crop Top 
Jimmy Choo – Leather Heeled Bootie 
Pallas – Satin Trim Trouser 
Astraet – Navy Wool Coat 

If you are a fan of structure, then this second look is perfect for you. Don’t settle for just one statement piece, instead go for an entire outfit. If you haven’t already invest in a quality pair of tailored trousers. A clean and effortless style will quickly become an item you will find yourself constantly reaching for, as well as make you feel like your best you in! For your shirt, mix it up a bit. Ditch the button ups and go for something with a bit more detail and form to it. This Michael Kors wrap shirt is as versatile as your classic white button ups, but instead it won’t leave you matching with 50% of the office. Remember when layering a NUMI under your white shirts to go for a nude colour, to keep the NUMI hidden and your White’s looking their best. 

Outerwear and accessories are next, and with these, there is no point holding back. A heeled bootie is the perfect shoe to walk you through fall and into the cooler days of winter. Look for something with a wider heel, so you can be on our feet all day and still rock it like a boss lady! A collarless coat, helps keep your outfit looking streamlined and put together. It also takes the pain away of having to match necklines or worrying about layering collars.

Have a look in your wardrobe and see what makes you feel like a boss lady and your best, and start to invest in similar wardrobe pieces to make sure every day, you feel like your best boss lady!