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How to Pack for a Long Weekend Getaway

If weekend getaways are as much fun for you, as they are for us, then we know worrying about what to pack is never something you want to be stressing about.
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If weekend getaways are as much fun for you, as they are for us, then we know worrying about what to pack is never something you want to be stressing about. Having your go-to essentials on hand and some easy planned outfits, your weekends getaway will be worry free from start to finish.

In summer, any getaway is a good idea! A quiet road trip out of the city, a last minute trip to your fav. City, a wine tour at local vineyards or a staycation that lets you explore your home town. Each of them leading to their own unique adventures and must-have photo opportunities.

How Many Bags Do You Need for your Weekend Getaway?

 When it comes to deciding which of your million purses and bags to bring, think practical and light. Make 1 bag have multiple purposes. If you can opt for a weekender tote, that can easily be emptied and used as a beach bag to haul all your picnic and drink essentials to the beach or hotel pool! This will leave you more room to pack a few extra clothes, or even give you some space to bring back a few more souvenirs!

However, don’t forget to bring a smaller purse, incase you have an evening out or for day trips. Choose something in a neutral colour, this will ensure nothing ends up clashing and you don’t have to worry about matching your bag to your shoes! A cross body bag is a great option, if you are busy sightseeing during the day you can have added security knowing your bag is slung across you instead of just hanging on your arm. In the evenings it can be slung over the shoulder, and hang nicely not to take the attention from your outfits. 

How Many Clothes Should I Pack for a Weekend Away?

I don’t know what is worse, overpacking and realizing you only wore about 3 things out of the 20 you packed, or discovering that you never packed something for a specific occasion. Depending on the spontaneity of the trip you may or may not know what sort of adventures and outings you are going on. In this case it is always better to be prepared, than be having to frantically pull together a fine dining dinner outfit from your pile of packed workout clothes!


Shop This Look

Classic Tee – NUMI
Black Scalloped Hem Shorts – Madewell
Straw Beach Bag (similar) – J.Crew
Blue and Red Plaid Button Up – Frank & Eileen
Black Slides – Steve Madden

When packing for a weekend, it is best to start with the basics.

Lightweight Shorts – something that can be dressed up or down depending on the time of day and occasion. A pair like these black scalloped hem shorts (Madewell) can be thrown on over a bathing suit for the beach, or glammed up for a dinner out. Something in a lightweight material is best when traveling to make it easier to pack, as well as ensuring that wrinkles can be easily steamed out when hung in the shower steam for a few minutes.

Summer Dress – Think a t-shirt or tank dress, in a neutral colour or print, a soft bamboo fabric, cotton, silk or linen fabric. Any of these will make you feel comfortable while also looking amazing, by only throwing on a simple dress. A basic style can also take you from day to night, with a simple change of accessories and layering pieces, making it easy to get 2 to 3 outfits out of 1 piece.

Button Up Shirt – These day button up shirts come in just about any fabric, colour and print that you want! A button up shirt can be a lot more versatile than you think. For a daytime look, layer over your bathing suit as a cover up, or wear it with the sleeves loosely rolled and tucked in with shorts and sandals for day tripping. When the evening rolls around, you can layer it on top of your sleeveless dress, or for a more tailored look tuck the shirt in nicely to a pair of shorts. With the sleeves rolled neatly or not at all.

White T-shirt – As basic as this seems, you would be surprised how many would forgo a casual tee for a more glamorous top! But what can’t you wear a white t-shirt with? The NUMI Classic Bamboo Undershirt, not only has you covered on the basic tee, the bamboo fabric will also help regulate your body temperature throughout the trip, ensure you are a few degrees cooler in the heat, and a few degrees warmer on those cooler evenings. You can also layer this under your t-shirt dress and button up shirts to keep them as clean and fresh as they were when you packed, as bamboo fabric naturally wicks away odours and moisture acting as a barrier between your skin and your favourite fashion pieces. See, sometimes a white t-shirt can be waaaayyy more than a plain tee!

Sweater – If you don’t pack a sweater of some sort, you may be hating yourself with the first blast of the cold air conditioning. A cardigan is a great option, as it can be worn and layered with just about anything. As well as giving you an option to wear it open or closed depending on how cold you really are.

Can I Get Away With Packing Just 1 Pair of Shoes for a Weekend Getaway?

In all honesty, yes I’m sure you can… but that’s not to say you have to. If you do it right, you can bring 2 pairs, this allows for options and allows you to mix it up based on the activity you will be doing.

Find a closed toe shoe that you know will be versatile and comfy. Choose something preferably flat, as this will likely be your daytime shoe and something that you could end up doing quite a bit of walking in. However something like these lace up espadrilles or white slip ons are classic enough to be worn with a dress in the evening for a more casual outfit too.


For your second shoe, for the summer months a sandal is a great option. Something open toe will be great for when the heat picks up, or you find yourself trekking through beaches filled with sand! A low heel with an ankle buckle offers more support for walking during the day or evening sightseeing, while the slides are great easy to pack solution, that can be thrown on and off easily.

With the perfect weekender carryall packed to the brim with your favourite essentials, you can guarantee that any weekend (or mid-week) getaway is going to be stress free and full of excitement! Leave your electronics at home for a wind down weekend, and if you want to capture the memories on camera, try going old school with a disposable film (ps. the colouring on the images will not disappoint!) 

Happy Packing & Traveling