How to Throw a Successful Garage Sale

How to Throw a Successful Garage Sale

Spring has officially sprung, meaning it is time to rummage through your storage bins and closets to see what you can toss or reuse. No matter what people think about garage sales, I think that they are as fun as you make them! Why not get rid of unwanted items and try to get some money for it?!

  1. Firstly you should dedicate a good amount of time to do this. Don’t just rush through the action but try to really think what needs to go.
  2. Be organized. Make sections of your space to sort what you are keeping and what is going to be used in your garage sale. Get everyone involved. Try to get everyone in your family to pick out a certain number of items to sell.
  3. Now that you have everything sorted, price all your items at a reasonable price. Reasonable enough that someone would buy it!
  4. The next step is to pick a day that has great weather. No one wants to spend time outdoors when it isn't nice out, let alone want to shop. Pick a beautiful day to get a great turn out.
  5. Make an event out of it. Invite all of your family and friends! To help bring awareness, let the kids make posters!
  6. On the day of the garage sale, be sure to have an easily accessible layout. Use clothing racks or cabinets to display your items. Also, put your best items at the front to draw people in!
  7. Remember to play some upbeat music to create a good mood for everyone!
  8. Lastly, don’t stress if you don’t sell as many things as you wanted. Donate all the things left over to a local charity!

Happy Spring cleaning!

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