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What You Can Do to Help the Ocean

We're seeing blue for Wold Ocean's Day! Here's some tips to get you involved in keeping our oceans clean, safe and healthy.

We're seeing blue for Wold Ocean's Day! To help get you involved with keeping our oceans clean, safe and healthy, we have a few solutions you can implement into your daily lifestyle to help the world's oceans. 


1. Source Locally Manufactured Products

When shopping for goods or browsing new brands look at where they are manufactured and sold. It is easy to turn a blind eye to the damaging effects that the oversea transportation of wholesale products has on the waters, but 1 transport ship can create as many pollutants as 50 million cars in 1 year.

Shop local fashion brands and designers when you need to update your wardrobe, support local grocers and farmers and purchase in season produce, and look for local artists and carpenters when you want to add some new furnishings to your house.

2. Think Reusable

Ditch the plastic water bottles and ziploc bags, instead find reusable products that will limit your amount of waste on a weekly basis. A fun, colourful bottle will also look better in your bag and encourage a regular water drinking habit! Here are some great options for reusable lunch wear.

3. Be a Conscious Consumer

It all comes down to "think before you buy." Do I need this? Will I wear this more than three times? Is it essential? Try and purchase products that have a longevity to them (not seasonal), and can be worn or styled a numerous amount of ways to ensure you will get re-wear out of them.

4. Go Energy Efficient

Switch out your lightbulbs, unplug appliances that aren't in use, turn off the lights when you leave a room. Three easy to do things that will reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bill!

5. Limit laundry days

No one likes laundry days as it is, but the more frequently you do it, the more water you are consuming and wasting. When you can, re-wear clothes or hand wash them with a few other like coloured products to save both energy and water. Layering an undershirt under your clothes helps protect them and keep them clean after wear.