Keeping Your Cool During a Summer Wedding

We all have that sheer moment of panic when we find out the wedding is outside. Not only outside, but in summer in the middle of a heatwave!
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We all have that sheer moment of panic when we find out the wedding is outside. Not only outside, but in summer in the middle of a heatwave! How are we supposed to find that dress that does it all; makes your feel great and look just as good, while keeping you cool! 

We could give grandma a call and see if she has an extra handheld fan we can borrow… but you don’t really want to be caught in a photo with one of those. Instead, heres a few tricks on keeping your cool during a summer wedding, without breaking a sweat. 


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Marchesa Notte – Short-Sleeve Lace Dress 
NUMI – Cropped Short Sleeve
Valentino – Ballet Fever Suede Ankle Wrap Sandals
Rebecca Minkoff – Leo Clutch

The first trick to keeping your cool during the outside summer wedding – is to literally keep you cool! Don’t stress, it will all be good. 

The second first step comes when you are planning out what to wear. Depending on the attire of the wedding, you may or may not be able to get a way with a loose fitting, flowy maxi dress. Which is great, the loose fit will allow a breeze to keep you cool, while shielding you from the sun and extra heat. If not, and the attire is more of a cocktail/ evening direction do not fret, you can pull this off. This lace dress from Marchesa is perfect! The openness of the lace will allow some breathing opportunities for you, instead of being all wrapped up. 

Layer your Cropped NUMI on underneath the dress to have a peek-a-boo effect without bearing it all. The added bonus, the sleeve on this is long enough to hide your NUMI sleeves and let you have that added protection in the underarm to stop embarrassing sweat stains. Your NUMI will also help keep you cool during the celebrations, as you are layering the organic bamboo fabric right against your skin. This will wick away moisture and sweat so your body can immediately start cooling itself down, as well as the breathable weave of the fabric will help your body breath and cool down, no matter the weight or fabric of your dress. 

It’s time to choose the footwear. The best thing you can do is to choose an open toe shoe. This will allow your feet to cool and to slow down the swelling that happens when our body gets warm. A sandal, whether flat or a heel is the ideal choice for an outdoor summer wedding. This Valentino Lace Up Sandal is great, because the wrap fastening means you can loosen or tighten the shoe throughout the evening to keep you comfy.

You have your bag with you, and we may as well fill it with things we will use, instead of random bits and bobs. 


  1. Refreshing Facial Mist – A quick spritz of this (on your face and back!) will feel great and will instantly cool you down. It will also help to set your makeup so you don’t have to worry about it dripping off in the heat. 
  2. Non crimp hair ties – Despite looking like a keychain, these hair bobbles will allow you to throw your hair up off your back to cool off, without adding unwanted crimps in it incase you decide to let it all flow loose again.
  3. Underarm Deodorant Wipes – Conventional deodorant is bulky and quite large to just throw in your purse. Instead you can discreetly throw some of these wipes in your purse, allowing for touch ups to keep you feeling fresh all evening long. 
  4. Keep some cool mints or gum in your purse. A quick bite on a strong mint will send a cool breeze right through you, but also keep you minty fresh!

Well you have your outfit, and the bag is packed. Best thing to keep in mind at an outdoor wedding is to remember to drink water. Although the open bars are screaming your name, alcohol is a sweat trigger as it causes the red blood vessels to dilate, so when you can grab a glass of cold water to balance the alcohol out!

Now you can feel confident RSVP’ing to the outdoor weddings and have fun without worrying about sweating through your dress or not looking picture perfect!

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Happy Sunday xox