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The Best Ways to End the Summer

Jet lag remedies, preventing body odor, and on slow living.
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On Slow Living...

"August anxiety" is a new term used to describe the uneasy feeling one has knowing that summer is ending. One cure to that? Do a whole lot of nothing.



10 Jet Lag Remedies & Hacks You'll Thank Us for When You Deplane

Experts note that jet lag is a condition that is more than just travel fatigue, and recommends some tips on how to ease transitioning through time zones.



How to Prevent Body Odor

One of the worst feelings in the summer is forgetting deodorant and worrying if you smell the whole day. Master body odor with these tips or have easy confidence by wearing a NUMI!



Angelina on Why the World Needs More Wicked Women

The graceful actress and humanitarian writes about what being a "wicked woman" means to her versus to society, and what important values she's teaching her growing children.




Lessons Toni Morrison learned from her dad about work.