Styling Your NUMI | Out of Office

Styling Your NUMI | Out of Office

We're going to be Out of Office tomorrow and starting the weekend early, but don't worry we're packing our NUMI Signature Seamless to keep our outfits clean and sweat free! Here are four ways to wear your Numi Out of Office:

Attending Summer Weddings 

Your NUMI will keep your expensive dress clean all night long! Whether you're watching the ceremony or dancing at the reception, your NUMI will protect your dress from sweat. You can also save on the stress of dry cleaning after the event as wellsimply toss your NUMI in the laundry and hang your fancy dress back in your wardrobe for the next event!

Weekend Getaways

If you bring your NUMI along you don't have to pack as many outfits! Your NUMI will keep your clothes clean longer so you can wear them multiple times while you're away and don't have to worry about doing laundry or overpacking. *Bonus, it also helps keep you cool during the travel to your weekend destination.

A Long Day Out

When you're out and about exploring all day you can find yourself going through all types of environments. Layering your NUMI will help regulate your body temperature and keep you feeling dry throughout the days many adventures. Whether you're outside in the heat or inside where there's A/C, your NUMI will always make sure you're at a perfect temperature. 


Running Around the City

One thing about summer is that it's hot! We love the heat and the warm weather, but running personal errands in the city can be stressful when it's hot outside! If you wear your NUMI you can stay fresh and prevent those pesky sweat stains from appearing! 

 Wear an Undershirt beyond the Work Week

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