Wearing Colour During the Summer Months

Wearing Colour During the Summer Months

The summer heat and bright sun can leave most dread wearing anything but black. We don’t want those surprise sweat stains to show, or the hassle of doing multiple loads of laundry just to separate colours / whites and darks. But what if we told you we had a solution to laundry and sweat stains?

You don’t have to fear colour anymore. Wear your favourite summer layers and colours without worrying about anything with a NUMI Undershirt layered underneath.

This will help prevent annoying sweat stains from showing through your tops and dresses, while also limiting how frequent you have to get your favourite dresses dry cleaned. Instead, you can throw your NUMI in the laundry and hang your favourite summer dress right back up in your wardrobe ready to wear for next time!

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