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Keep Your Cool During Patio Season

Backyard BBQ's are a summertime favorite, but can always leave you wondering what to wear. Take your casual outfit up a notch so you won't be underdressed.
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Backyard BBQ’s are the perfect excuse to call up some friends, throw some food on the barbeque, cool some drinks and have some great laughs with friends and family. No one wants to spend the time before stressing about what to wear to these partiesand we get that!

Keep reading for some great ideas to make sure your next barbeque is nothing but a hit!

Keeping It Casual

Denim cut offs and a basic tee is always a crowd favourite. But incase you don’t feel like matching with everyone else at the party, we’ve got some alternative outfit ideas.

Try a dress, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You want maximum comfort while still looking chic. This dress is perfect, it can opt as a swim cover up for beach days (or if you have a backyard pool!) while being easy to throw on and pair with just about anything.


If you still feel like keeping it low key with a pair of shorts and top, have some fun with the colours and prints of the pieces. Keep the sweat stains away, by layering a NUMI underneath your blouse, or opt for a Signature Seamless instead of a regular cotton T-Shirt.


J Crew


Elegant Garden Party Vibes

Some backyard bbq’s are more like an upscale garden party, which requires something a little different (and maybe a tad bit fancier!)

Being outside all day can be hot, humid and sweat stain central! To avoid embarrassing and damaging stains throughout the day, layer a NUMI underneath your outfit. A go-to for the summer heat is the Crop Top, which works to protect your clothes without adding too much coverage in the heat.

Jay Miranda

When deciding on an outfit for the outside fun, we recommend selecting clothing that is loose fitting and made from light and natural fabrics. These will help your body naturally cool and regulate its temperature, while still keeping you free to move around and enjoy the fun.