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September is a busy month; it’s all about new beginnings, changes, pumpkin spice lattes, and weather that leaves you feeling outfit confused: chilly in the morning, and sweating by lunchtime. Whether you’re going back to the office, working from home, or a little bit of both, Numi has got you covered (literally) when it comes to what to wear. We offer workwear essentials that look chic & professional for the office, but still, have you feeling comfortable and dry when working from your living room. Now let’s discuss how we can help you look and feel your best! 

First off, you will need one of The Essential Undershirts. Not only is it a work wardrobe staple, it’s a life staple. We suggest The Signature Undershirt; it’s our best seller for a reason! It is lightweight and breathable with an invisible fit, making it the perfect base layer. Its absorbent underarm pads will keep you dry all day, even during a stressful meeting! Wear it on its own at home and then layer on The Simone Button-Up Blouse once it’s time to turn on your camera for your Zoom meeting. It’s that easy!

Everyone needs a classic button-up blouse in their wardrobe for that simple, effortless, and sophisticated look. When it comes time to go to the office, The Simone Button-Up Blouse is your best friend. It is made with our Sustainable Silk™, making it lightweight and stain resistant to water-based liquids. If you spill your coffee on yourself during lunch (it’s bound to happen), you won’t have to run home to change; the liquid will simply roll off your shirt - just like magic! Wear it over your Essential Undershirt for ultimate sweat stain prevention and dryness. The Simone pairs perfectly with The Casual Miller Pant, also made from our Sustainable Silk™.

There is nothing worse than sitting at a desk all day wearing pants that make you count down how many hours you have left in the work day. The Casual Miller Pant is a game changer. These easy-fit trousers feature a structured flat-front waistband with a comfortable back elastic, and of course pockets! The Simone and The Casual Miller Pant make an amazing matching set. Wear this simple and effortless outfit with flats to the office, and then throw on some heels for your after-work dinner plans! The best part is that when you go home, all you’ll have to do is throw everything in the washing machine - say goodbye to dry-cleaning bills!

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