5 Busy Moms Tell Us How They Handle Work/Life Balance

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We love this Forbes article on the various ways that working moms handle their work/life balance! There is not one specific way to manage time and the five moms that Forbes highlights prove just that. Depending on your job, your schedule is going to look very different.  Our five tips inspired by these do-it-all moms are:

1)   Combine family time and your work-out!  Cecilia, a TSA manager from Puerto Rico, goes for a run in the morning with her husband and they take turns pushing their baby in the stroller.

2)   If you work from home, make sure you have childcare support.  Jennifer, an attorney from Florida, takes part in car pooling her kids to school and has babysitters during the week to ensure she has time to balance her work and family.

3)   Support from your partner.  Puja, from Montana, works five (!!) part-time jobs and notes the importance of her husbands’ role in managing their careers and children.  They coordinate household duties - such as getting the kids ready for school and preparing dinner - with each other’s work schedules.

4)   Keep your kids a priority. Melissa, a single mom who works in nonprofit development and event planning in Buffalo, manages the hours she works part-time around the needs of her children to make sure she is present while they get off to school.

5)   Breaking away from the traditional 9-5 works hours.  Heather, an attorney from Maryland, will work some hours in the evening or weekends to make time during the traditional work week for her kids.