Women Who Influence: Emily Weiss

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Forbes has compiled a list of 30 Under 30 retail and e-commerce nominees. One of the nominees includes Emily Weiss, 29, who was a former fashion assistant at Vogue. She recognized that the market was missing accessible, affordable products that felt luxurious. In 2010, she started her beauty website, Into The Gloss. One of her most popular archives on her website, Into the Gloss Top Shelf, includes interviews of influential and successful individuals in the fashion and beauty industry to inspire and inform readers. In her four years of growing her website, she learned what products influencers used and discovered the gaps that needed filling. After raising $2 million in venture capital funding in 2013 to grow her team, Weiss began to develop a line of must-have beauty products. She hired talent from Google, and MAC cosmetics. In October, Weiss and her team launched Glossier, which is sold on its own e-commerce platform. With the success of the launch, the company continues to grow and focuses on a collection of new products.