Beauty Guru's to Follow on Instagram

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Beauty Guru's



  1. @thebeautydept

    Kristen Ess and Amy Nadine make up the two halves of The Beauty Department, and with both of their expertise, you get double the glamour. 

    1. @beautyisboring Celebrity makeup artist Robin Black proves that beauty is anything but boring with her enviable posts that range from au-naturel looks to glam-tastic glitter eyeshadow.
    1. @anabel_atkinson
 Refinery 29 contributing editor and beauty maven, Anabel Atkinson, is like your older beauty-inspired sister, aka she’s been there done that and knows what works and what doesn’t.
    1. @intothegloss
 Emily Weiss’ Into the Gloss and beauty inspiration pretty much go hand in hand. This is one page that you’re going to want to bookmark asap!
    1. @lillygenuineglow
 Lilly at Genuine Glow takes a more natural approach to beauty and stays true to some of our favorite tried and true makeup tricks.