How to Dress Your Best Everyday

Every day comes with new adventures and most of us end up rushing to work, hurrying to get our kiddies ready for school or just all around hustling to get through the day.  And as time is always of the essence, its often daunting to think about dressing well and looking our best every day on top of it all!  Let’s face it, dressing up fashionably takes time and extra thought. But don't fret because we have you covered - there are ways to look fabulous every day and we are going to show you how.


Here are 3 tips on how to dress well every day:

  1. Organize your closet. The more your closet is in order, the less time it will take to try to find an outfit for the day.  Make sure you get rid of all the clothes that you don’t wear - there are plenty of options to give away to others in need or if you need some extra cash try selling what you no longer wear on Ebay or Kijiji.  The less your closet it jammed with clothes you don't wear, the more you'll be able to find and enjoy the pieces you love.
  2. Go shopping with a friend. Now that you've purged your closet, indulge in yourself and go shopping with a friend!  Throwing a new accessory or pair of shoes into the mix will refresh all your older (but still beloved) pieces.
  3. Plan your outfit in advance. Early mornings are...early!  Take a few minutes before you go to bed to pick out your outfit for the next day, or better yet spend some time on Sunday afternoon planning your outfits for the week.  Then when you wake up all you have to do is get dressed, no pre-coffee decisions required!