Protect your clothes

Our lightweight undershirts for women protect your clothes from everyday damages by creating a barely-there layer between you and your favourite outfits. The soft bamboo fabric absorbs sweat and moisture so your favourite fashion pieces don't.

Save money

Wearing a Nudy Patooty under your clothes means you don't have to dry-clean your sweaters, silks and dresses after each wear, or worry about getting your delicate shirts stained and dirtied. Instead, simply throw your Nudy Patooty in the washing machine instead, and hang your favourite garments up! Saving you money on your dry cleaning bills and extending the life of your clothes.

Regulate your body temperature

Micro-gaps in organic bamboo fabric means our undershirts are lightweight and aid in ventilation. This means they capture cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter to help regulate body temperature.

Body Slimming

Nudy Patooty undershirts offer a simple stretch that gently smooths and slims your body. Allowing clothes to lie flat without being constrictive and uncomfortable like typical shapewear for women. Making a Nudy Patooty the best layering piece for under shirts and dresses.

Pack Less

Traveling for business can be stressful, especially when your trying to look your best while your wardrobe essentials are confined to a carry-on bag. Long days in meetings and commuting between means clothes can only be worn once per trip.  Packing a Nudy Patooty Bamboo Undershirt is the perfect solution to your business travel packing list. As it allows you to keep your clothes clean, re-wear outfits without worrying about odours and stains, and makes it easy to pack less and travel light.

Feel confident

Organic Bamboo Fabric wicks and absorbs moisture away from your body preventing embarrassing perspiration and odour stains and allows you to focus on feeling and looking your best all day long. The seamless layering tops mean you don't have to worry about undergarment lines, while you wear under your favourite fashion pieces.