Carry-on's are small and airline restrictions are big which means its can be frustrating to pack efficiently for a short-term business trip.  Staying organized is the key to saving time and space while traveling so we have compiled our top three tips for business travelers.

Business Trip Packing

Essential Business Travel Tips:

1) Luggage:  Your carry on case can make all the difference in your business travels so it's worth purchasing a good quality one (especially if you are on the road a lot!).  Make sure you find one that is lightweight because you will be lifting it into the overhead compartment yourself. Four 360 degree wheels are a must as they make rushing through airports a breeze, and you can easily rest your personal item on top.  Organizational features are also handy such as a plastic pocket for toiletries and mesh compartment for laundry.  An expandable zipper feature is also a plus in case you purchase additional items on your trip (or you don't pack as tightly on the return).

2) Personal Item:  Airlines allow you to bring one carry on case and one personal item on board so it is important to maximize your personal item!  Large totes are great for this purpose and you can tuck your purse inside for the flight as well.  Keep items that you will need during the flight in your personal item (it will be under your seat), such as laptop, mobile phone, small make up bag to freshen up and any work/reading while on the plane.
*Travellers tip:  Use a smaller wallet for travelling and transfer only your necessities into it for the trip such as credit and debit card, drivers license and money.  

3)What clothing to pack:  Pack solid colour neutral basics that you can brighten up with accessories that are smaller and lighter to pack.  Depending on the length of your trip one suit (navy or charcoal grey), two-three blouses and a dress are more than enough.  Bring proper undergarments to keep clothes clean (such as a Nudy Patooty undershirt!) so you can get more than one wear out of each item.  Bring one or two pairs of shoes in a neutral colour (nude or black) max as shoes take up a lot of space and weight.
*Travellers tip:  A black dress can take you from day to night if you wear with a jacket during the day and then without in the evening.  Make sure the LBD you pack is office appropriate though - not to fitted or short!