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The Natural Wonder. Silky Soft.

100% Merino Wool

✓ Regulates body temperature

✓ Antibacterial and moisture wicking

✓ Superior breathability 

✓ Antibacterial and moisture wicking

✓ Odor resistant & itch free

✓ Naturally stain-resistant

Why Merino Wool Undershirts?

How to Style

Our undershirts work perfectly for any occasion. Layer your Merino Wool undershirts with your favorite winter clothes and stay warm, dry and comfortable all season long

Style-Up Your Winter Essentials

Style up your Merino Wool Turtleneck Undershirt with a pleated skirt, to create a feminine and classic outfit. The non-roll turtleneck will keep you warm and cozy, while adding a touch of elegance to your look.

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Winter Workwear Ready

Paired with your favorite blazer and pencil skirt, The Merino Wool Crew Neck Undershirt will be your go-to for a stress-free day at the office.

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A Casual Look with Comfort & Style

Pair our ultra soft, breathable Merino Wool with a well-fitted pair of pants. The undershirt’s slim fit will complement your look - giving you a sharp appearance.

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